A Big, Little Mistake. That was Super Fun.

My friends and I are 100% guilty of geeking out from time to time. This weekend was no exception, while most would initially think our geek-out was spending some time at Fan Expo, we actually made our way up north to Horseshoe Valley (which is, surprisingly, not as north as I thought). Where I made the biggest, little mistake of my life. I had a Gob Bluth weekend.

Horseshoe Valley Resort is great for fun weekend getaways and our off-road Segway experience was a perfect way to pay homage to Arrested Development and have a little fun in the sun.

Prior to this past weekend, I’ve never been on a Segway and have really only seen them from a distance (where I immediately laughed at the people using them for city tours), they’re surprisingly easy to use. These machines are smart. There’s a speed limiter that will control how quickly you can go uphill, downhill and on flat terrain (they max out at about 20 km/h). I was told that going downhill will not feel natural at first and the only thing to remember is to not panic. So, panic? You know I did!

We did some test runs and the tour guides felt we were good to go. Onwards. We got a bit of history about the area and I rode through some fresh horse poop (whoops). I began to grow comfortable with this 100lb piece of machinery and took the lead (behind the guide, of course), we hit the steepest hill on the tour, I felt the bar cutting into my stomach, o.m.g. I think I’m falling off.  I do what any logical person in control of their vehicle would do, I jumped off. Fortunately I was smart enough to hang on to the handle bars but that wasn’t before it turned and rammed a tire into my calf. Le sigh. I failed.

The tour was fun, I wish it was longer, we took silly photos and I made a few videos. I’m ready for some show and tell. Enjoy, gang.

Because I like to look like an ass in most photos

Could totes be an ad for Segway, no? Oh you know, just a casual afternoon, off-roading and on an adventure!

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