Lovers Day

No roses left when I got there

Lovers days has come and gone and I’ve survived. Actually, it’s probably the first year I really didn’t care and didn’t have a tiny stab in my heart every time I saw a man-lover rush to the flower store or walk past me bearing chocolates and stuffed toys or bags from Tiffany’s. Have I grown up a bit? Or perhaps I’m jaded? I can’t decide.

I had an awesome day hanging out with some friends, wicked BFF Solange and I met a friend of ours at Union station, she was heading up an event with Mattel. Did you know Barbie and Ken were broken up? And after a full out, nationwide plea, Barbie took him back. As any fictional love story would end, they got back together on Valentine’s Day and to celebrate, Ken was at Union handing out roses to other “dolls” while Barbie spent the day at the spa. I wish them happiness and a smooth divorce. I kid, just happiness, obviously there’s no such thing as Alimony Barbie (yet). I’m looking at my photo with the Ken’s and I can’t help but wish I had a better plastic doll pose, that left hand of mine is a little too awkward.

After meeting some friends for beer and wings, Solange and I caught a screening of Blue Valentine, pegged the ultimate anti-valentine movie. I was looking forward to it and was surprised when I saw a large number of loving couples in the audience, I thought…. ummm, you’re in love, get out of here. While I love both Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams, I was highly disappointed with this movie. I was looking for more fighting, more drinking, more abuse and it just wasn’t there, so when it ended I found myself wondering, well, how did that relationship end? Isn’t that normal? I guess not – looks like Solange and I have been missing out on Disney fairy tale love.

In reading a few reviews of the film, some critics didn’t like how sad it was. Really? I didn’t leave feeling one bit saddened. I didn’t shed one tear. I love sad movies and that’s what I wanted, darn it. It certainly was no Marley and Me where I left a mess and had teenage girls laugh at me (just you wait ’til you put down your first pet, silly innocence). I hate to admit this, but I think I felt more emotion and such after watching The Break-Up… it was totally realistic, n’est pas?

I’ve going to wrap this up before I embarrass myself any more. So what have we learned today? I have poor taste in films and should practice my doll stance in the mirror more often.

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