Exercising Patience

I wish it were possible to take a picture with my phone of me staring at my phone that included the phone. For now, this will have to do. I am, quite literally, willing my phone to ring. Ring, gosh darn it. Ring and whisper sweet awesomeness into my ear.

I feel like a teenage girl waiting for that cute guy I kissed on the weekend to call me back. Except, I’m not waiting for a guy to call me back and as a side note, teenage boys weren’t interested in teenage Ivana – I had yet to grow into my face. And was a bit weird.

Have been staring at my phone non-stop for the past few days. Checking my emails and ensuring I haven’t missed any voice mails.

Also, am welcoming distractions. Besties dropped by the shop today bearing coffee (which I had no time to pick up on the way to work this morning) and a cookie. More guests like this, please.

Please, I just need/want you to tell me I’m awesome. Because I really am. Kthxbai.

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One thought on “Exercising Patience

  1. When I was job hunting, I hated the uncertainty. I had resolved to treat it like doing hard time in prison, and spend my extra time pumping iron, but it was difficult not to obsess about getting a response to my many applications. I assume that they will call you on your cell phone, so you should go out, and try to enjoy your temporary freedom with thrifty activities. Easier said than done.


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