“Wow, you look tired”

Sunflower CupcakesThat’s the first thing I heard this morning when I got into work. Fine, I’ll admit, I did get to sleep late last night and yes, I woke up late this morning and did not have time to put on any makeup but why do you feel obligated to make me feel ugly when I know I’m having a rough morning? That is what really gets me.

Anyways, the reason behind my late night was a friend’s/coworker’s birthday. I had promised to bake a little something, something for her (I am the resident baker in my office). I just happened to get a little ambitious last night…

I was heading over to vote last night and was trying to delay it for as long as possible (I was still flip flopping over which candidate I was rooting for) and thought what better place to kill time than a book store? I suddenly found myself in the food/home section, sitting on the floor, searching through pages and pages of cupcake recipies…I was in Heaven. An hour later, I walk out with a few good books, a few great deals and a smile on my face. I FINALLY FOUND THE PERFECT CUPCAKE COOKBOOK. The anticipation of getting into my kitchen and getting my bake on almost made me forget about rockin’ the vote…I am an upstanding Canadian citizen and made a final decision as to who I’m going to support for the next 4 years immediately after my shopping spree.

I ended up baking all night long…I wasn’t enjoying it anymore. Bad idea to get ambitious so late in the evening, alas I had to keep on trucking and finish what I had started. It was my first time trying out these recipies (homemade cake mix and icing) so I was a little worried about the outcome. Around rolled 1:30am and I was finally complete!

I packaged them nicely and placed them on my coworker’s desk with a little Birthday note. She liked the gesture and enjoyed the cupcakes. I had set one aside for myself and it’s been staring at my since 8am. I know i needed to try it at some point and give myself the critical judgement I always do but I’m fearful that it won’t taste as good as my baked goods have in the past, therefore handing down my “Cupcake Queen” title.

Time to suck it up, it’s the moment of truth…

VERDICT: I was right, the cupcakes weren’t the greatest. All I can taste is butter, sickitating and I can’t even enjoy them knowing how much butter I’ve put into the icing. It’s ok, trial and error is what baking is all about (so long as I don’t poison anyone in the process…which is not my intention at all).

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